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Engaging art with community

Vessel Gallery represents both emerging and established artists from California and around the world. We show two- and three-dimensional works in a gallery space of 5000 sq ft. We invite everyone to view our curated exhibitions and individual works through our Oakland gallery space, at art fairs, and through this online gallery store. Lonnie Lee, curator and director of Vessel Gallery, is committed to developing long-term relationships with artists and to helping collectors, enthusiasts, and viewers understand the development of the artists' work.

Vessel Gallery is looking for art and art collectors that are interested in helping to enrich humanity through the visual arts. Our goal is to forge a community of artists and collectors that enhances mutual understanding through an engagement with art. We believe that by creating bridges between artist and collector, audience and creator, curator and art professionals, we can make the world a better place.

We help seasoned art collectors find new artists and new works, and we love consulting with admirers and enthusiasts who are just starting to build their collections. We are interested in who you are and what interests you about art, and we are ready and eager to introduce you to the distinguished artists who regularly exhibit with us.

Vessel Gallery is a space where artists and art lovers go on a journey together. We see the gallery as a conduit through which ideas pass from person to person. We're here to cultivate the intellectual and visceral experience that comes when you encounter art in real space and real time.

Owner and curator Lonnie Lee never misses a beat: Somehow, she manages to put together brilliant and monumental group shows every month. They always push the envelope in terms of vision, execution, scope, and presentation.
— East Bay Express